Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Raspberry and Lemon Vodka {Christmas Homemade Gift}

This is similar to my old Cranberry Vodka post from the archives. This is a nice light fruity vodka, then it is topped up with a sugar syrup.

Take about half a bottle of vodka and put raspberries in it - it's important they are torn or cut up - this releases the colour into the vodka. Then put a few pieces of lemon peel into the vodka as well. Shake a couple of times a day for two weeks. Keep in a cool place.


After a couple of weeks, sieve the vodka to remove all the raspberry and lemon bits, then make a sugar syrup, by heating up about 200g of sugar in 1 litre of water. Add this to your vodka and the bottle up in sterilised bottles.


Monday, 17 December 2012

I've handmade a Play Mat and Bag for Boy's Christmas...

This year I have made my son a play mat and a bag for him to carry the play mat in. I have also bought him some cars to put in the bag too. I have designed the bag with a pocket so he can carry his cars safely. This bag and mat were from my own head, no pattern used, I just made it up as I went along. However if anyone would like to have a go and needs any further information on what I did, I'd be happy to help.
Hope you like it... but most of all I hope my Baby Boy likes it on Christmas morning!!!
Play Mat
Airport, with Parking!

Construction Site, Train Station with Parking.

Castle and Woods

Farm, Beach and Airport

Train Station, Parking.

Zoo and Lake.

Bag Front


Inside, lovely car fabric, pocket on front of bag.

Cars cut out of the fabric and appliqued to the front flap of the bag.

Orange Buckles

Mat inside the bag, fits perfectly!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Hugo is about 12inches now.... Avocado Saga day 71...

Well Hugo is doing really well... As you can see in the picture! I'm really proud of him! I think I have to cut him back now to make him thicker and bushier, but I need to do a little research first because I'm nervous, I don't want to kill it off!

Eugene, has grown a root... I removed his shell and put him in a bag like Hugo. The other two Tarquin and Petra aren't doing anything, they are still there in their jars of water, they look like they might be cracking in the bottom of the seed, but think this could just be from them just being old seeds now... Still I'll let you know if they change...

Anyone else got an update on theirs?

Thursday, 6 December 2012

And the winner is...... Hoobynoo World Christmas Competition....

The winner randomly selected is Andrea Smith. Congratulation to you. Please contact Hoobynoo World Directly for your prize, you can message them through Facebook, twitter etc.

Thank you to all those that took part, Hoobynoo World are offering you all 15% off any order over £10 until December 31st 2012. So take advantage and get some fab Christmas presents for your loved ones! All you need is the code MOHE15.

Thank you all again and I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Wednesday, 28 November 2012

{Competition Time} Hoobynoo World Christmas Comp

Well good morning everyone!

The nights are getting darker, all the leaves have abandoned the trees, the weather is turning chilly.... it must nearly be Christmas!!! Whoohooo! I have fab news too, I have teamed up with Hoobynoo World again to bring you a Christmas themed competition!

I love Hoobynoo world, their characters and all the lovely items they sell. The Christmas items are fabulous and I am soooo very excited to be giving you all this chance to win one of their fab Christmas Necklaces.

The Christmas Collection consists of Carol the Christmas Pudding, she likes Brandy but isn't so keen on flames so is apposed to being set on fire in Christmas day... I think we can all agree with her there. There is also Angelina, the angel who is a ruling angel of Hoobynoo World, Rudie the Robin, who has trouble finding his nest, Kerry the Candy Cane, who loves to hang on Christmas trees and of course Rudolph the Reindeer! Each one is beautifully presented and wrapped.

I think these would be great Christmas presents for Children and Grown-ups alike! What better way to turn up to your Christmas party in style with one of Hoobynoo's gorgeous Christmas accessories, that will also last you year after year.

Of course if you would rather buy someone something that's not too Christmassy this year, don't forget Hoobynoo's usual fabulous collection including Solly the Sun and friends on brooches, hair clips, necklaces, cards and even temporary tattoos... What fabulous stocking fillers for the little ones (and the big ones too!). I can also tell you that Hoobynoo World are also branching out into iphone cases!!! OMG!!! Cute!!! They are new in this,week look here!



You have the chance to win one of the gorgeous Christmas Necklaces that Hoobynoo are selling this Christmas, all you have to do to is go to their site HoobynooWorld and then come back here and leave a comment below, as to which is your favourite item on their site.

The Prize is one of the following necklaces:-

Carol the Christmas Pudding
Kerry the Candy Cane
Rudie the Robin
Rudolph the Reindeer
Angelina the Angel

For extra entries into the competition see below. The closing date is Wednesday 5th December 2012, the winner will be drawn and announced on Turssday 6th December 2012. This is open to the UK only.

For extra entries you can do any or all of the following, or each of following you complete, you must leave a comment below. (If you're leaving a comment below and do not have a blog, please be sure to leave an email address so we can contact you if you win) :-

*Follow Mother Hen Strikes Again on google connect or networked blogs (on the left hand side panel) and leave a comment below.

*Go to my Facebook page Mother Hen Strikes Again and 'like' and leave a comment below

*Go to HoobyNoo World Facebook Page and 'like' and leave a comment below

*Follow HenStrikesAgain on twitter and leave a comment below

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* Tweet "Win Gorgeous Christmas Jewellery with @Hoobynoo and @HenStrikesAgain go to http://motherhenstrikesagain.blogspot.com/2012/11/competition-time-hoobynoo-world.html " and leave a comment below

Friday, 23 November 2012

Christmas stuff. Getting baby to help.... he thinks its a game!

Today I had an idea that baby could help me sort the Christmas sweets. Each year I buy a couple of tins of sweets, and divide them into smaller bags. These bags then go into stockings, hampers and even given out to people who need a little more than a card such as playgroup teachers and friends.

Now BubbaQ doesn't know what sweets and chocolate are. I'm not a, complete meany, if someone is having cake, biscuits etc then he is allowed some, even if chocolate is in it, the point is I don't reward him or treat him with sweets or chocolate.

So he wasn't aware what he was sorting into bags. He actually really loved it, it kept his concentration for 14 bags, the 15th bag which was the last one he was more interested in bashing the empty tin because it made a lovely noise.

We both had fun and that's one more thing off my to do list. I don't think I'd get away with him helping with this one next year, he'll want to eat them, he's bound to find out, what they are soon!

Anyone else getting their toddlers to help???

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Agggghhh My poor fish!

Original Popeye before his accident!

Well as you may know, I have a lovely little fish tank... well its not mine, it's Bubba Q's. I introduced all the fish a while ago on this post.

Well the black moors, Ben and Holly, one past away a few weeks after getting the tank, I'm not sure what was wrong, he never showed signs of being ill. It was sad. My tank then was showing signs of algae that I needed to deal with. I bought 2 loaches... Bubble and Trouble.

Here they are being introduced into the tank... after about 3 days of so, I could only see one of them - I can only assume that the other one died and the fish ate him!

Eye caught in the filter
Then I went back to the shop to get another Loach but instead came away with 2 new fish. One had one eye - so I named him Mendaville - after the paralympics mascot, because the Paralympics was just about to start, and he was in the shop and I felt sorry for him and rescued him. The other was a Bubble Eye fish - beautiful he was, two big fat cheeks and I thought I might call him Cleo after the goldfish in Pinocchio, but I wasn't certain as the name didn't quite suit him!

Well a few weeks after having him, I came down to find him laying by the filter and I thought he was dead! Turns out he'd got an eye sac caught in the bottom of the filter, but he was still alive!!! I felt so bad... I know I didnt do anything wrong, he just swam too close, but the daft thing had got himself in a pickle and I felt I needed to do everything I could to help him survive. I turned off the filter and used the net (you use to take the fish out of the tank) to give him a little nudge and he broke free. His eye hanging and all bruised. So I went to the shop and bought some medicine for open wounds, removed the carbon from the filter (as this filters out medicene and other impurities) and I dosed the tank for about 6 days - his eye fell off and looked clean underneath - on day 7 I was ready to do a victory dance and pop the carbon back in the filter and hope that he was cured, but it wasn't so simple....

Eye bruised after being caught in filter.

Sac almost gone. Eye hanging on by a thread.

His eye fell off!
The day he got his eye caught, I moved some of the rocks in the tank, under the filter so he couldn't swim under it again. However on day 6 of dosing the tank and him living through his ordeal...plus losing his eye sac and then his eye actually falling off - I thought we were over the worst... I came down to find him caught in the side of the filter...WITH HIS OTHER EYE!!!! I thought he must be dead, but no he was still alive. When I got him out this time, the sac was still complete, his eye looked like it was moved out of the socket, but not bruised or cloudy as if he was blind, so I can only assume he has limited vision now. The following day I saw his sac had deflated. I put the carbon back in the tank and decided I could not medicate the whole tank again for 7 days and I didn't want to move him out of the tank and stress him further. So after a water change and a little revitlaiser, I left him to it. In that day he has lost his other eye sac, he then looked like a regular goldfish with one eye that's a bit dodgy.  I renamed him Popeye!!!
After he caught his secind eye in the filter!

People have asked if I should put him out of his misery, but to be honest if he's happy in my tank, even blind, still eating and finding food, he I have held some flakes for him and he's eaten them. I've seen him scavenge. I have put treats in the tank, he found them. I have also put live/frozen food in the tank, he's eaten that too - so I will try my best for him, give him the best diet and hope he survives. I don't mind one bit that he needs a little TLC and extra care. As long as he is happy.

It's been about 4 weeks now since he got caught up - here is a picture of him, he has survived and is doing well. His eye sacs are growing back. The eye he is left with has a nice big sac grown back and a little sack on the other side where his eye used to be. I'm so happy he survived.

Unfortunately since starting to write this post a while ago we lost the remaining one of the Blackmoors. This is sad, but I am glad pop eye survived. I feel I helped him survive, making sure he found food etc. I really hope he stays away from the filter from now on!

Does anyone else have stresses like this with poorly pets?